Is Your Child a Good Friend?

Kids need friends. In fact, this is so important that parents should make it a priority to make sure their child is a good friend. Pay close attention by watching your child play with others and by asking their teacher about their behavior in this area. Friendship can have a major impact on your child's well-being since they heighten their happiness, reduce stress and perk up their self-worth. In our everyday life, we need a friend to lean on, to grieve with us, to listen to us, and to help us feel connected. Children with good social skills generally have more opportunities in life than children who don't. Here are 5 steps to help your child succeed with friendships: 1. As you watch your c

10 Creative Ways to Say "No" to Your Child

"Mom, can I go to the mall with Andrea?" asks Sara. "No, honey you can't," answers Mom. "Pleeeeeeease," begs Sara. "No! And that's final," Mom retorts. "Mom why? All my friends get to go to the mall?" pushes Sara. "You are too young. We have talked about this before... yada yada yada," drones mother on with her explanation to which, her daughter has tuned out minutes ago. Saying "no" to your child can be difficult. Sometimes we end up feeling like a broken record that says "no" all the time. This can be wearing on our parenting psyches. Yet saying "no" is a necessary ingredient to help children grow and to be able to say "no" themselves. Here are 10 variations of saying "no" to add to your r

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Kathryn Kvols | Redirecting Children's Behavior

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