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Become a Certified Parenting Educator

Do you believe that bribing, nagging, threatening, or punishing don’t work? Do you believe peace begins at home? Do you crave doing work that you love?


Our vision is to train passionate, parenting experts to transform the way we live at home. We use the Redirecting Children’s Behavior (RCB) material which gives them tools to teach frustrated parents, teachers, grandparents and other professionals. RCB is a researched based parenting course with no boring lectures. Instead it is packed with new skills and  powerful role plays. Going through these scenarios help parents not only get the information but feel it at such deep level that they don’t want to go back to their old ways. Keep reading more to see if teaching the course will give you the skills you need for teaching parenting freedom.

We do too.


Your friends or clients ask you for parenting advice

The idea of leading fun, transforming workshops appeals to you

Networking and Leading groups makes your heart sing

Watching innocent (and sometimes not so innocent) children being mistreated gets under your skin

The idea of creating a tribe or community of support appeals to you

You dream about doing meaningful work

You love, love, love the feeling of transforming people’s lives

Getting deeply connected with people makes life feel more juicy

Parenting your kids has been rough so you are relatable

You love to constantly improve your learning so you can help others

Taking a stand for children and families is your passion

This course is for you if:

Learning Details

Parenting Educator Training starts  September 17th for 8 consecutive Tuesday evenings from 7:00 p.m. - 8:30- p.m. EST. 


You won’t have to buy expensive airline tickets nor leave the comforts of your own home. The training takes place on an easy to use platform called Zoom. Breakout rooms will be used so you get the practice you need to feel confident.


The cost of the course is $895, for Montessori teachers it's $875! Class is limited to the first 8 people that sign up! The course fills up so don’t wait! If you have a passion for helping children and families, don’t put this off another minute.

Registration closes on September 10th.


Since space is limited, if you cancel within a week of the training, your $200 deposit is non-refundable

but is transferable to another training.


Father with his Son

I hate to admit this but, there was time when I didn’t even like my kid. You have brought joy back into our relationship.

Couple in a Kitchen

You not only changed my child’s behavior but you also saved our marriage.


This one still brings tears to my eyes. It was from a 9 year old boy, 'Thank you for teaching my Dad not to spank. I was really getting worried about my little sister.'

 RCB Educator testimonial's from their graduates:

As you can see, this course transforms lives!

You will be certified to teach these 
Researched-Based parenting skills:

  • Create emotionally healthy, connected families.

  • Effectively redirect sibling rivalry.

  • Set clear limits and follow through.

  • Establish family meetings to teach leadership, values and problem solving.

  • The difference between inspiring through love vs. motivating through fear.

  • Teaching a success mindset.

  • Resolve conflicts without power struggles.

  • The four times not to discipline children.

  • Skills to remain calm and connected during the heat of the moment.

  • Understanding why time out does not work and what to do instead.

  • Assist children in developing self-control, responsibility and self-confidence. 

  • Tips for working as a unified couple.

  • Put more joy into your parenting!

  • 14 hours of training

  • Detailed manual

  • RCB book

  • RCB workbook

  • Listing on the International Network for Children and Families website

  • Certificate of Completion

  • Access to replays of the training sessions

  • Marketing materials

  • How to handle group dynamics (you know, the student you want to strangle!)

  • Public speaking skills

  • Certified Parenting Educator (C.P.E.) seal to put on your marketing

RCB Seal.png

What’s included in the training?

Michelle Gambs Rohen, MA, LMHC
Holding Hands

The RCB course taught me how to parent. Not only how to love my child, but to illuminate and address the many needs a little person has. It beautifully marries two polar opposites - kind and firm at the same moment. The course has changed my life and continues to change families everyday in my practice.

Why RCB Really Works >

Lynne Apple, BA, IBCLC

International Board Certified Lactation Consultant

RCB has become a key piece in our hospital’s programs for parents. I have a drawerful of enthusiastic evaluations from over 1000 parents, teachers and childcare workers who have taken RCB. The entire community, including pediatricians and family physicians help get the work out about the course. Our Community Foundation now helps us with scholarships. We all consider RCB a gift we give our community.

Why RCB Really Works >

Smiling medical team
Chris Poe,
Senior Teaching Specialist

This material is required for my pediatric nurse practitioner graduate students. They uniformly find these concepts beneficial in developing their skills to work with children and families.

Why RCB Really Works >

Cheering Crowd

More Certified RCB Educator's Testimonies


What is the Academy of Parenting Education and Coaching?

Our organization has taught RCB to over 300,000 parents and teachers in 20 countries. We have been in operation for over 20 years. The RCB book has been translated into 4 languages.

Still Have Questions? Contact Us! 

Thank you!

Ready to Become a Certified Parenting Educator?

Register here! 

Or if you would like to schedule a private training for you and/or your staff contact Kathryn at 352 494-1581 or email her at

One Time Payment of $895

4 Payment installment plan

For a payment plan, please email or call us at (352) 494-1581 and one will be set up for you.

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