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Redirecting Children's Behavior Training for Therapists

Develop an expertise in parenting and create additional income streams.

This online CEU course trains therapists and other professionals to become parenting experts in their communities. The training is based on the course Redirecting Children's Behavior which has been endorsed by pediatricians and mental health professionals nationwide. Participants will learn specific strategies on many areas of parenting including how to discipline without yelling, eliminate power struggles, handle sibling rivalry and develop conflict resolution skills. Also included in the course are:

  • Powerful research-based parenting strategies that can significantly improve clients lives

  • Methods to develop an expertise in parenting in the community

  • Marketing techniques including how to provide trainings and workshops

  • How to become a more confident and compelling public speaker

  • 3 sixty-minute workshops - Balancing Love and Discipline, Methods to Effectively Handle Power Struggles and a power point presentation on Setting Limits and Making Them Stick

  • A certificate of completion

  • 6 continuing education contact hours*

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