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The art of listeing

How to Listen First So Your Child Can Listen to You

“Nobody listens to me!”

Everyone has experienced the feelings of frustration, sadness, or isolation attached to these words. It is a discouraging and lonely place to be. Shouting doesn’t seem to work, and neither does withdrawing. Nothing changes.


You learn more about listening, being heard, and the power of connection to help defuse and process difficult feelings.

In this class, you will get valuable insights and information that will change the way you give and receive the gift of being listened to. And the surprising thing is, when you become a better listener yourself, others feel more connected to you, and are more likely to be open to hearing what you have to say.

We will cover:

  • Why listening is important.

  • Listening as a skill, whether inborn or learned.

  • How big feelings can trigger a “Fight or Flight” response.

  • The mechanics of responding instead of reacting, and how your listening helps your child to self-regulate.

  • Guidelines for listening to children..

  • How someone listening to you helps you to be a better listener.

  • Showing compassion to yourself as well as your child through listening.

I hear you, because I have been in your shoes. Being a parent encouraged me to study and ask questions, and what I learned has helped to make my life and my family’s life more peaceful. As adults now, we share a warm connection which I know developed in part because I learned to listen well. I’m looking forward to sharing both information and inspiration with you. Let’s continue this journey together.

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