When Your Child Wants to Quit

What parent hasn't struggled with knowing what to do or say as they watched their child feeling frustrated and wanting to quit? Research shows that kids who persist and excel recognize that success comes from hard work and practice, not luck or money or genetics. In fact, if kids believe that performance is due to effort, they will be less likely to give up and will work harder when the going gets tough. Let them see you struggle a little. Take up a new sport, language or instrument and practice where you are noticeable. Your instinct may be to shield your kids from watching you struggle but do the opposite. Nothing can be as powerful as showing them what it truly means to persist. Remind yo

8 Tips to Letting Your Child Fail Gracefully

It was the morning after Thanksgiving and my daughter volunteered to make organic, honey buttermilk pancakes for the family. Everything started well until Brianna put her first pancake into the frying pan. Things deteriorated quickly. The pan was to hot, the batter was to thick so the outside got done however the inside contained a gooey white substance that was not very appealing. When my children start to groan and moan and utter words of frustration, I find it so hard not to step in and rescue even now when my daughter is 23! So even though I knew better, I called out to her older brother (who by the way is a phenomenal cook) to be her knight in shining armor. Brianna being the determined

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Kathryn Kvols | Redirecting Children's Behavior

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