12 Do's & Don'ts to Get Your Tween or Teen to Talk to You

"I haven't talked to my mom, I mean really talked, in six months," a twelve year-old confided in me. "Oh, why is that," I asked gingerly. "My mom laughed at me when I told her I had a boyfriend." We forget how sensitive this stage can be. Yet now, more than ever is the time to be available to your kid. Despite all of their attempts to push you away, they still need you. Here are 12 do's and don'ts in getting your tween or teen to confide in you: DON'TS 1. Overshare. Kids aren't that interest in our personal teen years. They are super self absorbed (they have to look in the mirror at that zit one more time). For example, if your daughter just shared with you her boyfriend broke up with her, o

What Distracts You From Love?

Pause....I mean seriously. PAUSE! Take a moment from your busy schedule and reflect on this question. What distracts you from love? Is it the shopping, wrapping and taping? The throngs of people, traffic jams and kids fighting in the back seat? Is it the constant barrage of marketing on TV, Facebook and phone screaming, "BUY ME!"? The Grinch said, "The noise. OH THE NOISE"! This clamor is designed to distract you from what's really juicy in life. Don't let the noise distract from the present moment. You know, the moment your hubby hugs you and you patronizingly hug him back because there's a million things on your mind. Or the moment your kiddo yells excitedly, "Watch me! Mommy. Watch me!"

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