When is the "Right" Time to Talk with Your Tween/Teen?

"Timing is everything!" I am sure you have heard that before. However, this concept is imperative when talking to your tween/teen. An ineffective time to talk is during or right after an incident like: a broken curfew books or backpack slung across the room hateful words like, "I can't wait until I am old enough to get out of this house!" rants over teachers, friends or romantic interests on the way home from a stressful situation like a bad score on a test, a lost game or a fight with a friend a door slamming, disrespectful tirade when you just found out you were lied to Don't talk and especially don't force your tween/teen to talk (unless you have the superpower of a master at communicati

8 Steps to Deescalating Your Tween/Teen's Emotional Surges

Does your tween or teen have emotional out bursts? It rare to hear of one who doesn't so you are not alone! Have you ever felt completely inept as to how to handle the situation? I know I did may times. But then I discovered a secret that totally changed my relationship with meltdowns. Today I am going to let you in on this little known secret. It will become a game changer between you and your relationship with your tween/teen. According to Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, when we are emotionally triggered, it takes less than 90 seconds for an emotion to get triggered, surge chemically through the blood stream, and then get flushed out. This happens naturally as long as there isn't another person tha

6 Tips for Raising Joyful Children

Most parents want their children to be happy, however we may experience bickering, demanding, and self-centered behaviors from our children. Here are 6 tips for raising children that are joyful. 1. Have a zero-tolerance policy for physical or mental meanness. Sibling bullying can cause both mental and physical illness. A 2013 pediatric research study found that kids who experience sibling aggressive behavior have a higher rate of mental illness. We sometimes watch rough housing between our kids and think "Kids will be kids!" An angry little slap or push between siblings is still an assault. This behavior is illegal outside the home and it shouldn't be unacceptable inside the home. Our chil

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