How to Get Your Tween/Teen Out of Their Room

I surveyed the teen boys in my husband's fencing academy with the question, "How can your parents get you out of your room?" The saddest answer: my parents are never home so it doesn't matter. The funniest answer: donuts. Sadly, not one of the kids had a viable solution. Where did that fun-loving, squeezable-cheeked child go? Now you perhaps hear drawers slam, loud music playing or muffled sounds from their room. It may seem like you have a phantom child living in your house. However, they appear once in while to rummage for food or to ask where their cleats are or if you can give them a ride somewhere. We spend an inordinate amount of time taking care of them as children, it is only natural

Why Most Moms Get Grumpy

We Micro manage. We wake them up, we make sure the brush their hair, brush their teeth, get a good breakfast, dressed appropriately, pack their lunch, make sure homework is ready to turn in, settle at least one sibling dispute, put out a minimum of one fire, frequently make sure they are in a good mood and get out the door on time. All of this usually BEFORE 8:30 in the morning! Whew! I am exhausted just writing about it. Self-sacrifice is the name of the game. Moms often don't take care of themselves. They give up their needs and wants for their children. Some how self-care goes out the window...exercise, good eating habits, sleep, relationship with their husband and friends, their hobbies

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Kathryn Kvols | Redirecting Children's Behavior

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